Wild Britain

Orb Gallery presents a number of Original watercolour painting by artist Joanna Rose Tidey. Tidey’s bright and vivid paintings depict her love of the Wild

never - forever invite

Orb Gallery would like to invite you to the opening of our next exhibition, a solo showcase of new paintings by New Forest artist Malcolm Crocker titled ‘Never-Forever’ on 01.05.15 from 6pm

Words like history, evolution, sequences, layers, processes, beginnings and endings might describe the preoccupations and concerns which influence the imagery Malcolm Crocker uses in his sublime paintings.

‘We progress through our lives for a few short years in an almost endless flow of time and we are part of a sequence of change, development, destruction and regeneration. We may be aware of this, but it’s easy to ignore it in order to cope with a ‘here and now’ which takes most of our energy and attention.’ (Malcolm Crocker)

Crocker highlights this other timeframe in his thought provoking paintings stating:

‘I take some comfort from the fact that every ending follows a beginning and every beginning follows an end. Not because I will be there, but because it will happen.

I’m questioning attitudes, preoccupations, and impacts on a small planet. Our time here is short and precious. Ultimately are we really realising our potential as an intelligent life form or just a bunch of primates whose brains got too big???

I don’t know.’ (Malcolm Crocker)

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Open Saturday & Sunday 1-4 pm and by appointment

open until 3rd April

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2 thoughts on “Current

    • Hi there the owl painting is original spray paint and acrylic on canvas size 70cm x 100cm and priced at £350.
      The artist is also available for commissions of original pieces 50 x 50cm for £150 or
      also we have prints of the owl A3 signed and editioned for £15
      Please contact us at if interested in any of the following,
      Best wishes,


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